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Do I have to be licensed/certified in the state of the assignment to work there?

Yes, you do. The application process for most states is fairly simple and straightforward - you can easily search for and find the information for a particular state online.

How often do you pay?

We pay weekly, every Friday, or via direct deposit. Our pay period runs Sunday through Saturday, so anything after midnight on a Saturday overnight shift would fall onto the following pay period`s check.

Do you provide housing and, if so, will I have to have roommates?

We do provide housing (or a housing allowance if you prefer to do that yourself), and the housing is private. If a particular assignment included housing, which would need to be shared with another traveler, we would inform you ahead of time so that you can consider that in your decision-making process.

Where are you located?

We have three offices throughout Vermont and one office in New Hampshire. However, we do have travel assignments throughout the country.

What types of facilities do you work with?

The type of facility we work with primarily is Long Term Care facilities. We also work with correctional facilities, hospitals, and clinics.

With my years of experience, can I make more than the advertised rates?

We pay our travelers as much as we can and all of them are paid the same for the same position. This ensures that everyone is being compensated fairly, consistently, and competitively.

If I have an issue while on assignment, can I reach out to you?

Of course! You are our employee, even if the nature of the assignment doesn`t afford us with the opportunity to see one another regularly. You can reach out to your recruiter or the relevant department when needed. You can reach us by phone, email, or even come into our office if it`s something you`d like to address in person.

After the 13 weeks, what next?

You can extend for another 13 weeks! If the facility you`re currently working at no longer has a need for additional staffing support, we can arrange for a contract elsewhere. You can extend your contracts back-to-back if you`d like to take some time to return home before starting the additional contract, you can do that as well.

Can I bring a pet? What about family members?

You sure can! We can try to arrange for housing which is pet-friendly. If there are any pet-related fees, however, they would be your responsibility. We also inquire about the type of housing you would need and can try to find housing to accommodate other members of your family. If we`re unable to fulfill your needs, we can provide you with a monthly housing allowance so that you could make the arrangements to ensure that you get what you`re looking for.

Can I bring a friend who wants a travel assignment as well?

You bet! Make sure we know who this friend is and you`ll get a referral bonus.

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